Resolutions and Renovations

Happy 2017! While the new year brings with it the expectation to commit to new business goals and personal resolutions, this time of year doesn’t often make us think of renovation projects for our homes. With winter being a historically slow time for the real estate market, you might be faced with one or two properties that aren’t quite taking off as expected. Before you call us to stage those awkward spaces into elegant showrooms, consider these tips for starting the new year off on the right foot for all of the homes in your inventory:

Kitchen: A little paint goes a long way
Have you been getting comments that the kitchen’s floor plan is great but something just isn’t quite working? Consider upgrading your cabinets in the most cost-effective way by adding a fresh coat of paint. Don’t forget to add new knobs and hardware to modernize the entire look. If you’re unsure which color palette to start with, reach out to us for a paint consultation.

Bathroom: Clean it with caulking
Make sure the caulking around each bathtub and shower is smooth and even. If not, chip away at the old caulking and add a fresh lining. Not only does this help prevent future leaks, it will give each bathroom a polished new look.

Bedrooms: Sample some storage solutions
As spacious and inviting a master suite can be, we often hear how much closet space plays a factor when homeowners are weighing all of their options. Consider installing drawers and cabinet organizers inside the bedroom closets. Even adding some simple shelving into other spare corners throughout the home will do wonders for encouraging buyers they can easily fit all of their possessions in without cluttering up their new home.

When all is said and done, the best thing you can do to get your home sold quickly in any season is by staging it. We look forward to another prosperous year working with you to make each and every home look its best!


Jacquie Wilson