Not All Stagings Are Created Equal

For those of you who have watched our stagings over the years, you’ve undoubtedly come to recognize the quality and aesthetics of the furnishings we use at Professional Home Staging and Design. Once I like a style or furniture collection, I get several of each to always have on hand!

Yet it amazes me when the same exact furnishings are used in 2 different houses, how different it all feels because of the varying environments:

But the differences don’t end there. You’d be amazed at how living rooms and bedrooms that are the same square footage on paper can require completely different layouts and furnishings even if they have the same wall color and amount of windows/natural light. That’s why we’ve developed staging into its own art form, tailoring each space to make it shine the brightest way possible.

We’ve even staged homes in the same neighborhood at similar listing prices, but with tangibly different looks and feels throughout. We’ve also only staged one or two rooms when those are the only spaces in the home that were trickiest for potential buyers to imagine themselves in. I often get told that certain rooms feel too small or people think the bed won’t fit into the master bedroom. At the end of each staging, no matter how many of the different variables needed to be addressed for that particular property, everyone who walks through the front door instantly feels at home.

That’s the power of staging. And that’s why we’re committed to helping your house sell as quickly as possible, no matter how “unique” each corner and how “odd” the angle. Until next time, Happy Staging!


Jacquie Wilson