Home (Staging) for the Holidays

In the past, we’ve staged holiday events around this time of year and it’s one of my favorite annual activities. There’s nothing like using the colors of the season in any environment to brighten even the grouchiest Scrooge. Whether decorating your office or your home this season, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

 Keep It Shiny
We love using metallic and glittery accessories in our stagings. They add just the right hint of contrast and texture that many rooms lack. Oftentimes, we only sprinkle them in as accents to complete a room, but why not let them be the main attraction for this time of year? Like in the picture above, they get the star treatment while natural materials switch to a supporting role for contrast.

Keep It Personal

While it is important to acknowledge that this time of year means different things to different neighbors, our homes should be a reflection of what we hold dear. Using lights and candles as a central design theme binds together all traditions, but it’s okay to mix & match if your family represents a blend of cultures. That’s the true celebration: everyone under the same roof, friends and family alike, surrounded by sentimental items that showcase their unique heritage.

Keep It Festive

Our standard staging rule of thumb that “less is more” simply doesn’t apply for the month of December. If there’s one time of year when it’s okay to break the “rules” and be granted full permission to be a child again, this is the time! Sometimes having a theme like favorite Christmas movies or favorite holiday desserts keeps every area of the house feeling fun and included. So remember: it’s not “go big OR go home” but rather, “go big IN your home” for the holidays!

Thank you again for an incredible year of staging every corner of New Jersey! We look forward to helping sell your homes faster and for more money in 2017.

Happy Staging & Happy New Year!


Jacquie Wilson