Don’t Be Afraid of These Rooms

Sometimes behind innocent looking front doors lurks a terrifyingly awkward space that keeps us up at night. These stagings could have been scary, but don’t fear! We turned each potential nightmare into a happy ending…

The windows would normally be welcome, but how do you make it work with the small wall and stairs so close nearby?

Wow! The perfect living room/entry area was hiding in plain sight.

Oh no! What to do with the traffic flow between these 2 rooms?

Incredible! Was really on the edge of the…chaise on that one.

What to do with this corner and the space in-between the windows? How can we turn this area into more than just a hallway.

Whew! Didn’t see that coming. What was once a challenging space is now the perfectly-staged area.

So the moral of the story is, don’t be afraid! No matter how awkward, difficult, or challenging a room might be, we’re here to make it shine and give your real estate story the happy ending it deserves.

Until next time, Happy Staging!

– Jacquie and Team

Jacquie Wilson