Calling All Realtors! Exciting New Co-Branding Opportunity

Each month, I have the pleasure of meeting realtors from all over the Garden State to discuss their needs, challenges, and opportunities from season to season. While most of our returning clients often request stagings for vacant homes, we’ve been receiving more inquiries for furnished stagings. These situations occur when there’s a desire to incorporate the homeowner’s existing furnishings into the design. For those consultations, I typically meet both the realtor and the homeowner on-site and we walk through the entire property, room by room, to evaluate each area’s potential. I then share a detailed report of recommendations where everything that’s in good shape is clearly delineated from the suggestions on what to fix or improve before it goes on the market.

But as I was getting more feedback from realtors about this process, they were wondering how to address those properties where the homeowners know they need staging support, but don’t necessarily require a formal consultation beforehand. That’s when we decided to come up with our new “Home Selling Checklist” flyer which clearly lists how to spruce up each area of the home right before our staging crew arrives on the scene. But rather than only marketing our staging services, I thought it would be beneficial if we co-brand the flyer with realtors in every community.

Here’s a sample of the “Curb Appeal” section:

If you’re interested in learning more about co-branding with us to target your town’s market with this full-service home selling resource, please call us today so we can discuss further. Our goal is to have each corner of the state represented by partnering with realtors representing every region. Each time we get homeowner requests in those towns, we can directly refer them to the local realtor we’ve partnered with for this promotion. It’s truly a win-win situation to sell as many homes as quickly as possible for the highest return on investment!

Happy Staging,

Jacquie Wilson