Interior Design & ReDesign

Interior Redesign or “One Day Decorating,” is the fastest growing specialty in Interior Design. We are experts at it. Professional Home Staging New Jersey’s Interior ReDesign service is one that can update the style and look of your home by utilizing your current furnishings and accessories in a creative new way. There is no need to start from scratch. We can use your current furnishings, accessories, and treasures. We’ll add a few extra touches here and there and you won’t believe the transformation! In one day or less, Professional Home Staging and Design New Jersey will capture your style, revitalize your space, and deliver a highly stylized room that is unique to your home. You’ll get the designer look for a fraction of the traditional designer cost.

Do you:

  • Have a room that doesn’t seem to work, look, or feel right?
  • Want to change a room color or add an accent color and can’t decide?
  • Have a room that no one ever uses?
  • Want a few things for your space, but not sure what to get?
  • Have furniture you don’t know where to put?
  • Need help choosing fabric or window treatments?
  • Have too much furniture and don’t know which pieces to keep?
  • Have too little furniture and don’t know what to buy?

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